Terra World Token Economics & Distribution Model

$TWD is the main governance token within Terra World. Its role is to control governance and acts as the lifeblood of the Terra World ecosystem.

Supply and distribution

A total of 2.5 billion tokens will be issued. Here is a breakdown of our projected token distribution.

  • 770,000,000 TWD (30.8%) for the investors : Launched and available for purchase through the Pylon Gateway POOL.
  • 755,000,000 TWD (30.2%) as reward : Distributed through various reward systems such as UST-TWD LP, Metaverse, Luna stake, Mine stake and TWD stake.
  • 525,000,000 TWD (21%) for adviser, Team and other employees : Volume will be locked for one year and will be distributed over a total of four years through a three-year vesting period.
  • 250,000,000 TWD (10%) for Community marketing : Will be used for community events organized by the Terra World Foundation.
  • 200,000,000 TWD (8%) for Treasury : Sustainable funding of the underlying metaverse development and maintenance. Initial LP and Community fund.

Token usage

The backbone of a robust economy is built upon the flow of tokens. In other words, tokens must have a purpose and be used. Tokens will be used for a variety of different functions within the Terra World metaverse.

1. NFT transactions

NFT items such as LANDs, BUILDINGs, etc. are valued and traded using $TWD.

2. USERS transactions

$TWD is the currency within Terra World. By utilizing smart contracts and other functions such as airdrops, users can create real businesses exclusively within the metaverse. As $TWD is freely exchangeable between personal wallets, it can easily be used to pay for fees, monthly rent, salaries, funding and various other services.

3. Governance Proposal Voting

As a governance coin, $TWD is also used to control governance policies. $TWD holders will be able to vote to guide the development of Terra World.

Token burn

The Terra World Foundation’s focus is not only on token usage functionality, but also on increasing the value of $TWD through token burn. Rather than relying on special event-based burn, Terra World features several built-in measures of token burn that ensure a systemic decrease in available $TWD. As availability decreases, value will naturally increase.

1. NFT Purchases

Terra World is a metaverse based on NFTs. Almost everything within Terra World is tokenized as an NFT and can be bought, sold, and traded using $TWD. When an NFT is first purchased directly from a first party source, the $TWD involved in the sale will be distributed as follows:

  • 50% will return to the developers to cover management and operation costs of running Terra World
  • 50% will be subject to token burn and disappear from circulation

Over time, as more and more NFTs are purchased, $TWD value will naturally rise due to decreased supply

2. Job Search and Recruitment Services

Terra World will provide a system for employers to seek out talent and for prospective employees to advertise themselves to potential employers. To use this service, users will need to pay a fee using $TWD. Apart from a small transactional cost, the entirety of this fee will be burned.

Here are some examples of the services that Terra World’s talent matching system will provide:

  • Prospective employees can pay a fee to register into a central talent database
  • Interested parties can pay a fee to send a message to a talent within the database

3. User-created NFT Sales

Terra World is built upon the foundational principle of an open market economy. Thus, in addition to first party NFTs such as LANDs, users will be able to tokenize their own creations as NFTs. When these user-created NFTs are sold, a small fee is incurred and subsequently burned.

Terra World’s built-in token burn system results in the following effects

1. Increased Mining Rewards

Most transactions involving $TWD incur token burn. As users immerse themselves within the metaverse and perform actions, more and more $TWD is burned, naturally increasing the token’s value due to a reduction in supply.

This has the effect of increasing mining rewards. The number of tokens within the distribution allocated for mining rewards does not change. However, the total number of tokens is constantly decreasing. This increased value will act as an enticing lure for many new users.

2. Increased $TWD-$UST Pool Rewards

Users involved in $TWD staking or liquidity mining through DeFi receive their rewards in $TWD. Yield farming revenue is calculated based on the price of $TWD. Thus, systemic token burn acts to increase LP pool APR and TVL, leading to a thriving terra ecosystem through UST mint.


The Terra World Foundation has created an economic model to ensure value retention for all users within the ecosystem. As more and more new users are drawn to Terra World, the value of $TWD continues to increase. The Terra World Foundation is continuing to search for ways to further update and improve the economy.


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