Terra World — A New World for Business

Terra World is a virtual world where you can do business in a digital environment.

It is a universe where users control the world through ‘LAND’ and ‘BUILDING’ ownership. In Terra World, all valuables are tokenized into a non-fungible token (NFT).


NFTs will play an important role in the Terra World Metaverse.

Terra World Art Hall will have a marketplace where users can participate early before the opening of the Metaverse.

Users will be able to display, buy, sell, and trade NFTs similar to an exhibition hall.

When trading Luna or UST, transaction fees in $TWD will be burned as a deflationary method.

$TWD will be available for use in all transactions such as land, buildings, and purchasing NFTs.

The NFT art scene is growing with Terra.

Terra World Art Hall will be a space for users to sell, store, display, and experience NFTs in a galleria. NFT projects will be able to apply to be curated by the Terra World Art Foundation. They will be able to mint and trade within Terra World.

Anyone who wishes to launch their NFT can contact us via Google form for consideration.

Google form link: https://forms.gle/CM6rdkdjn59kvbXz9

TWD-UST LP SWAP upcoming schedule.

3rd October, 11PM KST (2PM UTC)
For the safety of the contract, the TWD SWAP pool will be held through completing final test, after the COL-5 launch ends successfully.

At first time, LP supply will be 100,000 UST (=10,000,000 TWD), and the starting price will be 1 TWD = 0.01 UST.

Cautions in use.

When the swap is first listed, there are numerous transactions, which can lead to large fluctuations in prices.
We recommend trading as slowly as possible until price stability is achieved.
Also, you can adjust Slippage from TWD SWAP setting.

TWD SWAP : https://app.terraworld.me

About Terra World

Terra World is the first metaverse for work service powered by the Terra block chain, aspiring to provide a distinct virtual work environment for businesses and employees.


Telegram: Announce

Telegram: Community


To show our appreciation to the Terra World and Pylon community for your continued interest and support for Terra World, we’re thrilled to announce the second phase of our NFT giveaway.

NFT GIVEAWAY proceeds in two ways;


  • Eligibility : All persons who have deposited from 1,000 UST in POOL
  • Duration…

To prevent further delays on fundraising for our project given that all Pylon Swaps will be postponed until after the new Columbus-5 update, TWD Pylon Swap will unfortunately be cancelled and we will only be distributing $TWD through Pylon Pools.

After a long discussion with Pylon Gateway, we came to…

So many of you have joined the community since we first introduced Terra World on August 3rd. Once again, thank you for your support.

As part of our continuous efforts to keep the community up-to-date with the latest Terra World developments, today we’d like to share with you our development…

$TWD is the main governance token within Terra World. Its role is to control governance and acts as the lifeblood of the Terra World ecosystem.

Supply and distribution

A total of 2.5 billion tokens will be issued. Here is a breakdown of our projected token distribution.

With the upcoming $TWD Pre-sale, we will guide you through the participation process.

Ready to Participate

Create your wallet

Following the feedback we’ve received from the Terra World and Pylon communities, we’ve updated the details regarding the Terra World Swap.

Terra World Swap

32% (800M) of the total issued tokens will be available for purchase using TerraUSD(UST). Before September 1st, newly acquired $TWD will be locked from trading, transactions and only refunds…

Terra World


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